Key Words - DOS, FTP, dialer, PPP, SMTP, POP3, TCP-IP, TELNET, HTTP, USENET, web browser, and internet. No packet driver required.

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Net-Tamer, Inc.
748 Poinsetta Dr.
Satellite Beach, FL 32937

Phone: (321) 622-5550

Net-Tamer has great shareware and commercial software products!

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Corporate Programmers - Ask About Our Great Commercial Applications!

If your firm or corporation has need of automated FTP upload and/or download support in a really small program then drop a note to us at

We have programs ready to demo that will run on your customer's oldest and slowest PC. We can also customize to suit your firm's needs, with applications for FTP, POP3, SMTP, HTTP, IMAP4, TELNET, and HTTP. These programs can be called by your firm's custom application and be totally transparent to your end users. Everything is Y2K compliant, so why spend time and money re-inventing the wheel? Your internet program can be up and running quickly!

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